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Beat those New Year ‘Blue Monday’ blues with a spot of ‘Blue Health’ with an escape to the coast

A holiday by the ocean is an excellent way to kick off the New Year. Whether you're looking for a change of scenery or simply looking to relax and recharge, a holiday by the sea can offer a range of mental wellbeing benefits. The sea has long been known for its calming and rejuvenating properties, and the benefits of a beach holiday have been scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing and boost your mood. In fact, ‘Blue Health’ is an increasingly well researched topic with experts exploring why blue spaces, such as the sea, can improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Not only can a trip to the coast provide a calming escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it can also bring renewed energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead. In this blog post, we'll explore how a holiday by the sea can be the perfect remedy for the New Year's blues.

The calming effects of being by the water

Just looking at the colour blue can generate a feeling of calm, relaxation and serenity. Taking time out by the sea also allows us to change our pace of life and slow down. We are given the time to step away from the frantic comings and goings of our daily life and digital technology to take time and be present in the moment.

The sound of waves against the shore

The sound of the ebb and flow of the ocean is extremely restorative and can create feelings of relaxation. Just listening to waves can alter wave patterns in your brain, helping you to become deeply relaxed. Take a gentle stroll along our beautiful coast path and listen to the gulls circling overhead as the tide laps against the shore. Or for something that will really awaken your senses, explore craggy cliff tops with a hike along the coastal paths listening to the stormy sea crashing against rocky cliffs and the wind whistling past you will work wonders.

The smell of salt in the air

The smell of the fresh, salty ocean on a sea breeze can have an almost instant calming effect on us, just look at all the sea salt scented products available to fill our homes with this lovely aroma. But it isn’t just this fresh salty scent that awakens our senses; freshly cooked chips drenched in vinegar, sun lotion, freshly baked hot doughnuts and salty seaweed washed up on the shore are all smells that can bring back memories of times well spent at the beach giving us that warm glowing feeling.

The feeling of sand between your toes

Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sensation of grains of sand between your toes. Practise some mindfulness and explore how the sand or pebbles feel beneath your feet. Explore the sensation of dry and wet sand between your fingers and search for smooth pebbles to hold. These simple acts of connecting with your surroundings by the sensation of touch are things we often forget as adults. Take a look at the children building their sandcastles and digging holes to fill with fresh seawater and take a leaf out of their book.

The warmth of the sun on your skin

Sheltered from the prevailing South Westerly winds by the tors of Dartmoor, the English Riviera towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham enjoy their own micro-climate and we are lucky enough to experience some of the warmer weather in the country. Sunshine boosts your body’s serotonin helping you feel calm and focused and of course the feel of the sun’s rays on your skin is always sure to give you a warm glow (just remember your sun cream!)

The taste of fresh seafood

Give your taste buds a treat by eating some local sustainably caught seafood. The fats, oils and nutrients found in many fish have numerous physical and mental wellbeing benefits. You will find no better place than the South Devon coast to sample a vast array of delicious and healthy seafood.

The sight of the vast horizon

Simply staring out to sea towards the horizon can change our brain wave frequency and lure us into a mild meditative state. It can induce a state of calm and reduce stress by allowing our eyes to relax and take in a wider panoramic view.

The sense of peace and tranquillity

Many of us feel immediately more relaxed and at peace by the sea. Take a coastal walk and observe how the light, shape and colour of the landscape shift. Have a paddle along the shoreline feeling the sand sink beneath your feet. Take a revitalising dip in the sea and let your body float, giving in to the ebb and flow of the tide. Relax by an open fire back at your holiday home and enjoy a night of deep sleep.

The wonder of exploring natural surroundings

Hunt for crabs and starfish in the rock pools, collect shells along the shoreline and watch the local wildlife go about their day. You could even take a dip in the sea, surrounding yourself with the power of the ocean to really awaken your senses and boost your immune system. A trip to the South Devon coast wouldn’t be complete without a walk along our coast path, whether it be an invigorating hike or a gentle stroll there are new places to explore at every turn.

Have you booked your New Year break yet? Head over to our search page to find the perfect coastal holiday home for you to beat those Winter blues and immerse yourself in some ‘Blue Health’.

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